Building a Home for Brand Assets

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It’s All in One Place

One of the perennial challenges graphic designers face is capturing high-quality brand assets, especially in the correct size. Ogol solves this problem by allowing businesses to upload and store their brand assets in one place, giving designers easy access to the images they need. This simple web app is a lifesaver for companies, designers, and agencies alike.

Keeping Things Clean

From the beginning of this project we knew we wanted to focus on simplicity. It was important to keep the user’s focus on the logos themselves, so our design needed to create a strong frame with no visual distraction or clutter. We knew users would probably be multitasking, so we wanted to make something they could use with 10 other tabs open and not blink an eye.

Handy Tool, Minimal Design

Throughout the full design and front-end development, we prioritized super clean user interface features. The design we crafted is cool and restful to the eye. We love how it highlights the beauty of every logo on the site, keeps the experience refreshingly simple, and lets users quickly find what they need and be on their way to making design magic.

We Build Together

This has been a really good experience. You guys bring a lot of energy to the situation and that's huge for building overall momentum. You're quick on the production turn around and communication response times are sub millisecond. We're also quite impressed with your emoji skills.
Alex Rolek

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