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Wisdom for Optimal Living

Optimize is an online optimal living program created by Brian Johnson that helps members upgrade and improve their lives every day. Members of the program range from professional athletes and Broadway performers, to best-selling authors and Fortune 500 executives. Through rich video, text and audio content, Brian distills big ideas from the world’s greatest teachers and philosophers, making timeless wisdom accessible for the modern mind.

An Inspiring Partnership

Brian approached us when Optimize was just the seed of an idea. He envisioned an array of content that would be diverse, simple to consume, and available in multiple formats including audio, video, email newsletters, landing pages and eventually, a mobile app. We loved Brian’s passion and vision, and jumped in right away to partner with him and bring his ideas to life.


Huge Vision, Astonishing Results

From the beginning, we focused on a clean and simple approach to both design and functionality, letting the content speak for itself. Starting from scratch, we partnered with Brian to design, catalog, organize and distribute a robust array of classes and resources that make up the Optimize constellation. The results of our labor have been astounding. After releasing the WeBuild-designed Optimize platform, Brian went from zero to 6,000 paying members in just one year. The podcast has been extremely well received (over 3 million downloads in its first 6 months), and we’re putting the finishing touches on an iOS app as well. We are excited for Brian’s success, and proud of our role in helping millions of people up-level their lives through this extraordinary collection of practical wisdom. We have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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