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Test to Know the Best

App designers and developers know that the success (conversion) of your app hinges on a smooth onboarding process, which requires testing various options until you find a winning combo users respond to. However, in a traditional development cycle, usability testing can take months of complex back-and-forth. That’s where Primer comes in. The app facilitates quick, easy tweaks, highlights which version users respond to best, and tracks conversion rates on all the options being tested. By allowing developers and designers to rapidly check out and implement ideas, Primer turns months into minutes, revolutionizing the way apps are made.

But How Does It Work?

For those in the mobile app world, this service is a game-changer. But just like many of the greatest technological innovations, it can be hard to explain exactly how it works. Our challenge was twofold: first, we needed to make the product itself as easy to use as possible, smooth out the design kinks, and bring the vision into reality. Then, we needed to help the Primer team clearly articulate the value of their product, the problems it solves, and draw a clear roadmap through both messaging and design to let potential users intuitively orient themselves.

Partnering for a Clearer Message

In typical WeBuild fashion, we kept the focus on the user and simplified everything we could about the product. Partnering with Primer to streamline their messaging (thanks to some usability testing of our own), we were able to make their product easier to understand and faster to learn. We also worked closely with their team on agile product development and intuitive design. Our collaborative craftsmanship paid off, resulting in an incredible, multi-million dollar first round of seed funding for Primer. We had a blast with this amazing team and can’t wait to see what idea they’ll cook up next.

We Build Together

WeBuild has provided incredible value as an integrated partner of our product team. Their passion and expertise in designing, testing and quickly iterating solutions has helped us vastly improve our product at the crucial early stages of the game.
Brady Flynn

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