Enhancing the Beauty of Scientific Research

  • UX Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • User Testing

An Elegant Solution

Research papers aren’t known for their aesthetic qualities. But Reader makes consuming scientific articles an attractive and interactive experience. With this innovative tool, readers have access to bookmarking, sharing, and deep search features across multiple devices. Plus, authors around the globe can add new papers to the database, and even live-update their articles based on feedback, allowing research to advance more rapidly as new data comes forward. For scientists, that’s a no-brainer.


Robust Features, Clean Design

The concept called for a highly robust tool that would let users seamlessly navigate over 3 million published papers with ease. However, we also wanted an elegant, approachable style that would elevate the whole experience of conducting research. In true WeBuild fashion, we set out to craft something ten times better than anything else out there. We knew we needed to put ourselves in the user’s shoes to truly make this an effortless resource they’d return to every day.

Science Made Simple

From the outset, we focused on the user experience. We took the initial concept for Reader and rapidly prototyped a product around an actual research article. Then, we asked a group of target users to interact with the article, test the prototype first hand, and give us feedback on their experience. Based on that data, we honed Reader into the full-featured beauty it is today, turning what was once an exhausting, isolating task into an efficient, enjoyable resource for the entire scientific community.

We Build Together

I really enjoy the constant communication so that I am never wondering where we are in process. I really love the design. I like that it really IS design, not just a pretty interface but one that makes sense and makes it easier to do what is intended. I love working with you and regret we are not in the same company :)
David Mittelman
CEO & Co-Founder
N of Everyone, Inc.

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