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The Definitive Guide to A/B Testing Variables — With Examples

Evan Shoemaker

March 12, 2022

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could read users’ minds?

There’d be no guesswork in the design process. You would know they will click on the ocean blue “Sign up now” button vs. the seaweed green “Sign up today!” animated CTA and get to work.

Unfortunately, mind reading is still in test mode. Until it’s in the App Store, you have the next best thing to help you learn what your customers are bound to click and convert on: A/B testing. 

You can guesstimate they’ll click on the orange button with the “Buy Now!” copy instead of a shimmery purple button with the “Purchase Here” copy. But the best way to know what works is actually driven by data. (Spoiler alert: Data can be surprising! They might just love the shimmery purple.)

In our free guide, you’ll find plenty of battle-tested ideas on the most effective design variables to test.

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