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Brand Strategy & Design

Discovering, ideating, and illustrating you.

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Brands take on a life of their own. People adopt them into their lives like a trusted friend.

Your brand is you. So let's get it just right.

Our brand design service offers companies of all iterations an opportunity to create, refresh, or even completely overhaul their brand identity.

What We Do

Brand Strategy—Brand Ideation—Brand Illustration

We’re game to jump in at any stage of life ready to learn, iterate, update, and optimize. We’ll get your brand looking more like you in no time.

We work seamlessly as we focus on the highest impact and highest leverage brand initiatives to bring your best self to the forefront — from every angle.

Since brand design is part of our design subscription, there are no long-term contracts (just like everything else we do). Quick sprints are the name of the game and nothing is out of scope.

How We Do It

  • Understand audience and core brand targets

  • Design brand assets to achieve business goals and reach buyers

  • Validate design decisions through testing

  • Listen to feedback and scrap anything that just doesn’t work

  • Bring the brand to life through consistent expression across a variety of touch-points including graphic design, brand identity design, and illustrations.

We’ve helped startups develop their brand, visual language, and design system to better reach new users no matter what channel they frequent. Read below about how we were able to help Optimize with their branding and the impact it made.

Want something built with remarkable impeccability and equally ridiculous efficiency? Good luck finding someone better than webuild. Plus, their team is comprised of the most positive/awesome humans you’ll ever meet.

Brian Johnson

CEO/Founder, Optimize

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