10X Revenue & $60M Raised For All-In-One Small Biz Platform Thanks to a Robust Digital Product Strategy & Design

10x revenue growth, 6x employee growth, 5+ properties overhauled & $60 million raised. From brand design to primary feature optimization and more, this app designed to support small businesses has experienced massive growth in several areas — and gained massive investor attention.

Long live the small business owner.

They’re the first ones up in the morning and the last to go to bed. They work tirelessly to build their business from the ground up. And they need all the help they can get.

Enter: GoSite. An all-in-one platform to help small businesses get more done with fewer hurdles. With GoSite, service-based small businesses can seamlessly provide a platform for their customers to find, book, and pay for appointments online.


Revenue Growth

Supported 10x revenue growth over 12 months.


Team Growth

Enabled GoSite team to scale from 40 to 250 talented employees.


Products Overhauled

iOS & Android, Enterprise Marketing, and Free-Trial

When GoSite came to us in 2019, their product was more than a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). But to get it to the next level, they needed support in digital product strategy and design to achieve their goals.

Since webuild jumped on board, we've touched every single part of GoSite — from marketing to product design, investor decks to emails and paid ads. We’ve helped them produce ebooks, case studies, blogs, and most importantly: optimized the entire product experience.

As it stands today, we’ve been by GoSite’s side as they have earned 10X the revenue, grown their team from 40 to 250 talented employees, overhauled 5+ properties, and raised a cool $60 million. And we’re just getting started.

The Challenge

Small businesses use many different tools and web-apps to get their business up and running online, making it difficult to manage and keep track of important details.

The Solution

We created a robust design system to be extended across all GoSite products, apps, marketing assets and channels to streamline their rapidly growing product suite.

Design Systems

A Unified Design System + Optimized Product Features and UX = Massive Scale

Our first order of business was conducting significant upfront discovery to unpack who they were as a business, meeting with key stakeholders to get a handle on their main pain points and opportunities. Then we explored and researched their competition. All of this helped us get familiar with the product, the team, and the challenges they were up against.

We discovered that there was a jarring disconnect between the website and the product in terms of design. That disconnect was not an asset to their brand — so we tackled all things branding first. We created a robust design system that could be repeated, reused, and optimized across all channels. The end result was a cohesive brand aesthetic that caught the eye of investors.

Next, we worked on decreasing churn by making enhancements and optimizations to their UX based on continuous user testing. After all, it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not — and why — until you get down to the nitty-gritty. Armed with user feedback, we tackled GoSite's free trial onboarding, improved first-time user experience, and launched a new instant website builder. We're relentlessly and rapidly enhancing core features product-by-product as we continue to listen to user observations.

Since small business owners are often on the go, GoSite needed a more mobile-friendly app. What they had before worked, but it wasn’t the go-to tool that their users would turn to. We iterated on the existing app and turned it into a beefed-up, reliable — and most importantly user-friendly — tool for small business owners who don’t have time for hassle.

The app currently has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating in the app store with thousands of downloads.

As our partnership with GoSite blazes on through strategic support and product optimization, we are excited to see what’s ahead for the app that champions the service-based small business owner.

We’ve been blown away by the experience of working with the amazing & brilliant team at webuild. They’ve demonstrated an elite ability to deliver on complex design initiatives that have exceeded even our most ambitious expectations. We are beyond excited to continue building and innovating with the webuild team.

Alex Goode

CEO/Founder, GoSite

GoSite app promotional video

In short, we:

  • Overhauled all core assets: Marketing, iOS & Android apps, website, enterprise and free-trial versions
  • Built a design system from the ground up
  • Significantly upgraded the merchant-facing experience & flows
  • Helped shape, define, and release new features
  • Empowered the GoSite team to scale: increasing the headcount more than 6x in 2 years to 250+
  • Supported 10x revenue growth over a 24-month period by decreasing churn, optimizing features, and powering a robust design system

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