We redesigned an all-in-one product suite to help owners grow their small business from a single tool.


Small businesses use many different tools and web-apps to get their business up and running online, making it difficult to manage and keep track of important details.


Design a robust design system to be extended across all GoSite products, apps, marketing assets and channels to support their rapidly growing team and product suite.

3X Revenue Growth

Supported 3x revenue growth over a 12-month period powered by a robust design system.

250% Team Growth

Empowered the GoSite team to scale: more than doubling the headcount in 9 months to 140+.

5+ Properties OverHauled

Overhauled all core assets: Marketing, iOS & Android, Web, Enterprise and Free-Trial.

We’ve been blown away by the experience of working with the amazing & brilliant team at webuild. They’ve demonstrated an elite ability to deliver on complex design initiatives that have exceeded even our most ambitious expectations. We are beyond excited to continue building and innovating with the webuild team.

Alex Goode Headshot

Alex Goode

CEO/Founder, GoSite

Helping Small Business Power America

Alex Goode, Founder and CEO of GoSite, had an incredible vision to create an all-in-one software as a service (SaaS) suite that accelerates business growth and provides a one stop for all business needs. When GoSite started, the product value was mainly focused on the marketing assets and promise that businesses would excel online. It eventually grew into a complete software suite that not only helped businesses redesign their website, but also manage reviews, messages, placement details and more.

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Changing the Way Small Businesses Do It

When Alex came to us, his product was more than a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) but to get it to the next level, he needed strategic product design thinking and support to achieve GoSite’s goals. When we met Alex at the GoSite HQ in San Diego we conducted significant upfront discovery to unpack who they were as a business, met with key stakeholders to understand main pain points & opportunities, and explored and researched their competition. From this initial meeting, we established two clear goals: increase retention and engagement with product usage and drive company growth. Alex had an ambitious product roadmap and needed a partner that could help create a unified design system to use across all assets and products. With such transformative goals in the product space, we jumped on board to help accelerate GoSite’s product growth through design.

Designing a System that Works

From components that could be used in ads to features that could be used on different products, we established a design system that could be repeated and reused across multiple channels. The impact of the design system was significant. We leveraged design for sales and marketing, from guides and case studies to ads and blog posts, as well as the entire marketing website which spurred growth and investor interest.

We optimized the GoSite product offering through design and user experience enhancements to increase customer retention and decrease churn. GoSite’s product suite is still growing and once all these pieces are launched, we’ll be diving into user experience optimization based on continuous customer feedback. The opportunities are limitless in transforming GoSite from a useful small business tool to the most intuitively designed all in one software suite.

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Accelerating GoSite’s Growth

While our partnership with GoSite continues on, we are excited to have made such an impact on the growth of the company so far. Since our partnership began, we’ve supported significant revenue and team growth and established a strong brand presence. We leveraged design across the entire company and now, everything is produced with the components from the GoSite design system. More to come from this amazing client helping small business owners in America succeed.

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