We helped launch an optimal living brand focused on making timeless wisdom more accessible.


To make timeless wisdom more accessible to users through holistic, "multi-format” content that adapts to the users different context and personality styles.


Develop the brand, visual language and design system to support a cross-platform multi-channel experience and increase user engagement.

ZERO to $2M+ ARR

Helped Optimize grow from zero to 10’s of thousands of paying members in a few short years.


Doubled the lifetime value of customers thanks to new features and improved user experience.

Apps + Community

Designed and developed a custom social platform in addition to iOS+Android apps.

Want something built with remarkable impeccability and equally ridiculous efficiency? Good luck finding someone better than webuild. Plus, their team is comprised of the most positive/awesome humans you’ll ever meet.

Brian Johnson

CEO/Founder, Optimize

A Source for Personal Empowerment

Optimize is an online optimal living program created by Brian Johnson that helps members upgrade and improve their lives with daily actionable steps. Members of the program range from professional athletes and Broadway performers, to best-selling authors and Fortune 500 executives.

An Inspiring Challenge

Brian envisioned a diverse array of content that would be simple to consume and available in multiple formats for anyone embarking on personal growth. The challenge was to create a seamless consumption experience across different content formats: written content, audio, video (both short-form and longer-form) as well as different channels: email newsletters, a web platform and eventually, a mobile app.

With so much inspiring content, we had an incredible opportunity to innovate and transform the Optimize product through design, and offer users new ways of interacting with content, for a higher and more impactful result. We loved Brian’s passion and vision, and jumped in right away to partner with him and bring his ideas to life.

Envisioning Success

Starting from the ground up, we kept the design simple and clean, letting the content speak for itself. After launching the marketing website and web version of the membership platform, we moved onto designing the mobile app with the goal of improving the consumption experience. We allowed members to sync their content offline, manage a wishlist of favorite items and improved the discoverability and navigation of the content library across multiple content types.

This development created a monumental shift in how users could now access and interact with the content. Continuous customer feedback kept us innovating and iterating on the product - implementing new customer ideas with success. For example, adding tagging to the mobile app helped users create an easy way to find what they were searching for. This continuous iteration let our users know that their ideas were heard.

After improving the experience of the content, by introducing new formats like short videos, we shifted our focus to the Optimize community. We created a cross-platform online social network called Oasis for the 10,000+ existing Optimize members that allowed users to connect more intimately. Users could build their profile with personal interests, connect with like-minded optimizers and find their own tribe inside the optimize community; ultimately leading to deeper engagement and higher retention. The success of Oasis helped us retain our members by building a unique community found nowhere else.

Transformation Through Design

After releasing the webuild-designed Optimize platform, Optimize grew from zero to over 10,000 members across the web and mobile apps. We continued to implement customer feedback into app enhancements and Oasis, the community platform, which resulted in us doubling our customer lifetime value. Members young and old, from 13 to 91 years old, and CEOs of Fortune 500’s to professional athletes, log into the Optimize platform every day.

One company with over 100,000 employees even incorporated Optimize into their office due to the impact it had on the members of its team. We are excited to see how design transformed Optimize from an idea to a worldwide success with customers across 75+ countries. We’re proud of our role in helping thousands of people enhance their lives through this extraordinary collection of practical wisdom.