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6 Steps to Achieving Designer-Developer Bliss for a Bullet-Proof Digital Product

Abby Milan

May 11, 2022

Creating and shipping a product people love doesn’t fall on the shoulders of just one person or one team. It’s up to everyone.

From designers to developers to marketing and customer service, collective teamwork makes the dream work.

You would think all these teams would be working together like a well-oiled machine. But that’s far from reality — especially when it comes to designers and developers. In fact, the relationship between the two teams is notoriously bad.

Maybe it’s a left-brain vs. right-brain dynamic. Or perhaps it’s because you’ve never really tried to get these two talking in the first place. But when these two teams stay siloed, only coming together at the end of the project (if at all), setbacks, headaches, and frustration are the norm.

And your users suffer the consequences of a disjointed UX that doesn’t live up to your product’s true potential.

To build a better product and foster a stronger work environment you need a cohesive team of developers and designers who work together from the get-go — and make collaboration happen throughout the life of the project. Good luck, right?

We’re here to tell you that your teams can pull it off.

In this ebook you’ll take away:

  • The consequences of letting designers and developers stay in their silos

  • How everyone wins when designers and developers work together

  • 6 steps to make willful collaboration a reality

  • Game-changing tools for effective collaboration

  • …and more!

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