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Future State Design Guide: 5 Steps to Define a North Star for Your Digital Product

Abby Milan

October 19, 2021

An app that lets you pay back your friend after happy hour. A SaaS product that enables you to book a cool treehouse for your honeymoon. An online tool that handles the booking and expensing of business travel to your favorite conference.

These were once pie-in-the-sky visions that began as startups. Now, they’ve changed the way many people live their lives daily.

Maybe you had a grand idea of how your product would transform the world, but things changed along the way. Priorities changed. Users’ needs constantly changed (still do!). Your team’s ideas changed. Ultimately, what you ship now has drifted away from the product you originally dreamed of building.

Hey, things happen. But that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about the future state of your product — and taking the do-able steps to get there.

We know what you’re thinking: You don’t have time for a vanity project. But that’s not what this is. Rather, it’s an underrated exercise that aligns teams, improves user experiences, makes it easier to pitch a product to investors, safeguards developers’ time, and saves money. (Whew! That’s a lot).

In this eBook we share:

  • The core attributes of a future state design

  • The undeniable advantages of dreaming big

  • How to face what’s holding you back from dreaming big

  • Our 5-step process for future-proofing your product

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